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05-31-15, 06:11 am
Just wanted to write about what I went through the past few months with my piggie miley.as you know she passed two weeks ago she was 9 yrs old.don't know if anyone has ever went through an end of life experience so I thought I would share what I experienced with her.it started around Feb when I started to notice a little how she would walk just a little wobbly but didn't seem anything to concerning as she still if she itched was able to scratch ok with no problems also standing up in her cage when breakfast or snacks came around and when I cleaned the cage she loved running up the fleece flipper as I put it in so I saw no motor skills difficulty just a little wobbly now n then as time went on in April you could see it more n more as the days went by but she still had fight in her as she didn't let it bother her was funny when she got an itch she would scratch and make her self roll over.her appetite never diminished as she still loved to eat but what I noticed is she was sleeping a lot more also .sometimes I would come in in the morning start cleaning the cage the others were all up and excited but it took a few min before she woke and realized I was their. as days went she started to struggle a little more each day getting around and even while eating her breakfast she would fall asleep for a few minutes.that was when cleaning her cage she seemed a little disoriented using her smell more to find her treat she also started loosing some of her motor skills as she would bob her head around zeroing in on her food .it was then I realized she wasn't really drinking from her water bottle anymore and when I cleaned she wasn't able to run up the flipper like she used to.this was about 3 1/2 weeks before she passed.I shortened the cage for her and just kept a close eye on her .she still ate great and her output was just as normal. I did make sure she had extra lettuce and ran it under water before I gave it to her for extra moisture that want on for a few days until I came in and she tried walking over to me n wobbled over and couldn't get back over.so I used towels rolled up to make a little wall to help keep her upright and then I started to hand hydrate her but she was still able to sit up and eat with a little help keeping her propped up.that went on for about a week . then the final few days with her she wasn't able to pick up the veggies any more so I ended up getting shredded carrots and slicing up her veggies into strips and hand feeding her.at this point she could just hold her head up as I noticed over the days she couldn't move her legs more n more every now n then use get a little kick from them.the Sunday before she passed she did something . whenever I came to the cage she always knew I was theiras she heard me and lifted her head but on Sun she weeked like she used to when she new her breakfast was coming. she did this each day until she passed. I came home from wrk and she was gone.....the 2 weeks before she passed the amt of time I spent with her was more and more just to know I was their for her and feeding took about 45 min in morning and evening plus giving her a little but bath in morning cleaning her cage .I had to make a little pad for her to rest on with the layer of a potty pad her little legs would rest a little down to make her comfy and it helped keep her clean as well.one thing I will say is the fleece kept her ver dry as it wicked any moisture away from her.hopefully this may help anyone who's got a senior piggie what they may expect.

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Awww! She looks adorable! Sorry for your loss :(

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Sorry for your loss. You obviously gave her a long, wonderful life.