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05-24-15, 08:40 pm
Hi there everyone,

I'd just like to start off my saying that my name is Taylor, and my pet is no normal guinea pig! I'm 14 years old and a new owner to pets of this sort, but in April of this year, I adopted a skinny pig! For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a skinny pig is, he's basically a hairless guinea pig, although mine is not the skinniest, based on how much he enjoys his vegetables lol. I joined this forum in hopes to make some new friends that are also owners of guinea pigs as well as learn some new things and gather people's thoughts on what to do in certain situations. Hoping to get to know some of you, thanks for reading about me, say hi anytime!

05-24-15, 10:52 pm
Hey! Welcome to the forum! Glad to have another teen member too :)

05-26-15, 07:30 pm
Welcome to the forum! There's a ton of info here, that's pretty cool that you have a skinny pig! I'm a teen member too so welcome!

05-27-15, 07:40 am
Welcome to the forum!

05-27-15, 08:06 am
I love skinny pigs!! You should post a pic of him!! I am also 14!

05-27-15, 08:54 am
Thank you all for the warm welcomes! I will post more pictures in bit. But my profile picture is of him! (One of my favourite pictures!) :)

05-27-15, 08:55 am
Welcome To The site!

06-01-15, 09:05 am
Thank you :)

06-01-15, 09:30 am
Welcome to the forums! You'll enjoy it here, lots of knowledgeable people and great advice.

06-01-15, 01:54 pm
Thank you, it seems like a great place already! :)