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05-24-15, 10:58 am
Hi Everyone!

I'm starting preparations to introduce and join four piggies together in two weeks. My original two - Tonka and Chika will be joined by Winnie and Paulie. All four girls will live in my existing C&C cage.

Winnie and Paulie tend to like to go "potty" on CareFresh bedding so I've already added a litter box below the hay dispenser in Tonka and Chika's cage. They've been christening it. :-)

While feeding Tonka and Chika this AM I realized that the kitchen may now be too small, with the addition of the litter box, to allow four girls to eat at the same time. Eek! My current cage is a 2x6 grid. I'd rather not modify or add if I absolutely don't have to but will if it's absolutely necessary.

Looking for advice on whether or not you think that I can leave as-is and that it'll be enough space. The kitchen is a 1x2 grid area with water, dishes, hay, and litter box. Would dispersing the dishes when I give veggies help with the space...putting one veggie dish in the corner of the litter box and leaving another outside of the litterbox? I've purchased a larger dish for veggies....more of an "oblong trough".

I've considered doing a loft but my gut tells me that it'll be a pain as it'll make cleaning under the loft and changing out fleece a pain in the butt.

So...could my current kitchen size work for 4? Maybe with rearranging things in there?? Or....is it absolutely necessary that I modify my cage and add?? :-(

Please excuse the hay "debris" in the kitchen. Pigs will be pigs!

05-25-15, 12:09 pm
I'm like a dog with a bone! After standing in the living room, staring at the cage for ages, I decided to undertake adding another 1x2 section to it. I've now got a long 2x6 (with the majority of the new 1x2 section as a new kitchen...one corner currently has a supper fluffy fleece cuddle sack) and the existing older 1x2 full kitchen. Both kitchens hold hay, litter box, water, and pellet and veggie dishes. Hubby thinks I'm nuts but keeps his opinions to himself. Kids love it! The piggies haven't ventured into the new section much yet. Little did I know that I'd eventually overrun our living room with a 2x7 C&C cage! Can't wait to join them all together after introductions. Hoping it'll be in 2 weeks...one of the new girls has a URI that seems to be taking its sweet time to clear up. 5 days and the inside of her nostrils still look wet. I hear a sneeze every once in a while. But then again, I've heard at least 1 or 2 sneezes a day from my "original" two too! I've carefully examined them and they are all clear...no discharge anywhere.

05-25-15, 01:30 pm
I think that you have it covered. I really like your cage. I'm truly thinking of a suggestion and you seem to cover all the bases. I love how they have a large area to rumble or do laps. The solid blue area is a piggy's playground. I just love it!!! You now have two areas for them to consume their food...great! Maybe considering placing a water bottle on the lower level. Just thinking about my seven...two of my piggies, the girls, like to lay under the water bottle and then there the three, boys, that consume a lot of water. Of course, they are in two separate cages as I have four cages, but I am pointing out the personalities that might arise with your kitchen if one were sprawl or take a nap under the water bottle like mines. Oh, I do have pee pads as they are called under their kitchen area. For me they are just large square that fit in the area that I can remove easily to clean up. Mines either have a towel or uhaul pad between them and it is a snap to pick up and replace with a clean one then to take take the whole base apart. Pick up the whole pads,dump, replace then move on. Maybe place some in those frequent used hard to get areas as well. Other than that you good.
Hope that your piggy get well soon. Will you join the other new one while she recuperate or wait and do all at once?

05-25-15, 02:05 pm
Thank you, yubie! Great suggestions! I'm planning on introducing them at the same time. I'm hoping that the sick piggy will soon start to show more healing progress. The inside of her nostrils still look moist and when she sniffs the air, and just around - generally, her sniff has a little whistle to it. Now....not sure if that whistle is normal for her or not as I haven't had her long enough to tell. Tomorrow will be 6 days that she has been on Bactrim. Atleast her eyes don't look watery anymore. Her eyes and nostrils are what tipped me to something being wrong.

I can't wait to introduce them all and get them all together!