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03-17-02, 05:08 pm
I am pretty much done with a few weeks worth of effort on some major updates to the Cages site.

There are still some additions and changes coming, but most of it is done.

I think I must have added 100 new photos!!


The layout has been reorganized. Much material has been moved to different pages.

Tons of new photos and new items everywhere.

Brand new FREE RANGE page.

More toys.
More on hay.
More pet store cages.
More commercial cages.
More cage links and photos highlighting each link.
New Theme cages.
New comments on cage location.
New Directions.
Printable Directions.

If you think you knew the site, please revisit and do a little surfing, because there are major changes.

Feedback welcome!!

03-18-02, 05:47 am
Thanks Teresa...I know I for one benifit greatly from these pages. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to this stuff!!! :)


03-20-02, 07:39 pm
I just found all the updates. Wow, the themed cages are so cool! I might try something like that. I love the idea of using wallpaper borders!

Also great that you added a section on shelving cages. I know some people briefly look at your website and say "oh well I can't get cubes here so I can't make one". Not true! I'm glad I ordered cubes for mine, though. They are such useful things!

You have made such a difference in the lives of so many pigs, and people too, all over the world. I can't imagine now not having your websites to recommend to new owners!