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05-14-15, 12:26 pm
I'm fostering two 5 day old bunnies for the shelter I volunteer at. Apparently their mom wasn't feeding them, so the other 5 babies of the litter passed away. I went and picked these guys up this morning, and one of them doesn't seem to be doing too well. I've fostered newborn kittens before, but don't have a ton of rabbit experience. I know to feed them KMR kitten milk replacer twice a day and to make them go to the bathroom afterwards. Any tips from people who have raised baby bunnies before is greatly appreciated! Also, is it to early to tell what gender they are? Will post pictures later today.

05-14-15, 01:54 pm
Unfortunately the one that didn't look good passed away.

05-15-15, 03:38 pm
Well, the other little baby passed away this morning. I kind of think they were sick, because the one that passed away this morning was fine when I fed him at 1 in the morning, and passed at around 8. I named them yesterday, because I think all animals should have a name. I'm a big Disney fan, so I went with Mulan names. The white one with black spots that passed away yesterday I named Little Brother and the black one that passed this morning I named Mushu. I'm pretty sure they were both boys. I feel horrible that I couldn't help them, but I realize that loss is part of fostering bottle babies.

05-15-15, 05:05 pm
I'm so sorry that you lost two of the little bunnies. Although I've never fostered very young rabbits, I have heard from those who tried that it is very difficult to raise them without a mom. I know a few people who tried to foster bunnies and sadly those bunnies passed away too. You deserve so much credit for attempting to help the bunnies. It's also so admirable that you volunteer at your local shelter.

Rest in peace sweet babies.

05-16-15, 11:03 am
Thank you! I feel bad that I couldn't help them, but I knew it was a possibility when I got them. I'm glad I got to know them for that short little time, they were so sweet. Kelsie