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05-13-15, 08:58 pm
Good evening, folks.

Posting from Alabama, I am a private rescue for small pets, reptiles, and birds called All Creatures Small. I feel like I may have been on this board quite a while ago because I *think* I've used the placement board on here before through Guinea Pig Zone, but could not figure out anything username/password-wise and finally gave up and registered.

I am here because I have had a massive influx of guinea pigs in the past few months. In addition to the five males I already had in foster, I was just contacted to assist in a hoarding/abandonment involving 13 guinea pigs (nine at the time of abandonment; there have been two litters of two) who were found in their cage in a dumpster. I am taking a portion of the animals, and the rest are going to a partner rescue. Most that I am taking are females exposed to males who will be unadoptable until they are determined to be pregnant or not. Placing the five males already here will definitely ease the burden on my space, time, and budget, so I am working on exposing them for adoption on as many sites as possible.

I also am a little rusty on females with babies; most of the pet stores in my area sell males, so it's rare that I encounter females in general, let alone nursing moms. So I'll probably be referencing some threads on here and look forward to brushing up for this typhoon of guinea pigs after a long dry spell of having any in foster.

05-13-15, 09:14 pm
Welcome to the forum! And thanks for taking those guys in.

What part of Alabama are you in? We've had people from there looking for a rescue before, and they've been hard to find.

05-13-15, 09:19 pm
I am in central AL, though right now given the circumstances I am full and then some.

05-13-15, 09:46 pm
It's been a while since anyone was looking there, and they wanted to adopt, not surrender.

05-14-15, 03:30 am
Gotcha; good to know. People are looking to surrender them more than adopt them IME so I assumed that was why - oops! Hopefully some AL guinea pig enthusiasts are still on the board and eager to adopt. :) There are about to be a bunch available here and in Huntsville due to this case.

05-14-15, 08:05 am
Have you put your rescue information at Guinea Pig Zone? It's optimized for search engines, and people will be more likely to find you if you're more visible.