View Full Version : Cage C&C materials in the UK

05-13-15, 02:22 am
Does anyone know where I could find some cubes/grids in the UK?


05-13-15, 04:50 am
Amazon and Ebay have them. Here are some other sites that also have them, when comparing prices take into account the number of panels you get.


You might be able to get them in a different store near you but you might have to look at their webpage (if they have one) to see if they stock them, normally they are called "wire storage cube" or "mesh storage cube".

05-13-15, 05:51 am
Great, thanks!
I have three boars, could I do a 5 by 2 with a 2 by 2 loft (perspex front?)

05-13-15, 06:08 am
A 2x5 with a loft would work depending on how well they get along. If they are prone to disagreements then giving them a 2x6, 3x4 or 3x5 might work better. Sometimes with boars going wider is better then going longer but it does make the cage harder to clean as it is difficult to reach the back corners, not to mention wider sometimes doesn't suit the space people have available to put the cages in.

05-13-15, 06:52 am
Be sure, when you're buying grids, that you get the ones that have nine holes across (if you're getting 14 inch grids). The ones with eight holes allow smaller pigs to escape, and bigger ones to get their heads caught.

05-13-15, 06:54 am
2 are definitely brothers, the other is a mocha coloured rossete. (The other two are short hair)

Anyways, they have lived together all their lives. No disagreements. Ever.