View Full Version : Introducing myself and my piggies

05-10-15, 07:23 pm
Hi - I am a piggie mom of two piggies - Pappy and Zippy (girl/boy - not housed together) who is new to this site.
I first fell in love with piggies when I was in kindergarten when my teacher had one she would bring to class - when she went on a summer vacation she let my mom and I care for it while she was away. To make a long story short - I had to wait til I was out of college before I got my first piggie of my very own - Peppy Le Pew (as the store owner named him) we just called him Peppy - He lived 81/2 full years. After he passed we were devastated and our house was way too quiet - so we thought about getting another - Our pet store guy happened to have two adult piggies that had been abandoned and asked us to house them over Christmas - well they got a new home - with us! They were in need of a lot of care and attention but came out of it quite well. Both were girls and were named Queenie and Lizzy - Lizzy was sick (when we got her - although it took some time to realize) we found she had an absess that went almost to her jaw bone from her cheek and neck. Our vet did surgery and we doctored her and the wound and she healed well - or so we thought - the absess returned a year later but this time healed up without surgery and without further reocurrance. Both piggies lived wonderful spoiled lives until their passing. Queenie who was quite healthy died quickly and unexpectedly. However Lizzy outlived her and had further complications from the absess and her back teeth grew sideways - making it hard for her to eat. She passed quite easily -even our vet was saddened as she had made her way into all our hearts.
After their passing we got Pappy - a baby girl - she was a healthy piggie and has been quite the spoiled princess. For a while she would fuss and nip when we held her and we found out about a year and half ago that she had cancer - our vet performed surgery and she came out of it with flying colors - recently she has had boughts with bladder stones (100 percent calcium stones) and over the last week she has been quite sick - not wanting to eat or drink - we are giving her liquids and trying to get her back on her feet (she is now about 5 or nearly 6 years old).
We also got Zippy and he is a rambunxious little guy who loves to zip around. He is a healthy piggie and is quite a love.
Our piggies live with several cats and a dog and do quite wonderful together as they all get along and play together - Pappy especially loves the dog.