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05-09-15, 08:36 pm
Hi! I'm a PhD student with a herd of princess piggies! I've been reading the forum for like a year, since before I got my first, but I'm painfully shy so I'm only just getting around to joining and posting and suchlike. All of my princesses are in the picture below, from right to left there's Penny, Bridget, Lacey, Agnes and Mirabelle. Agnes was my first piggie, adopted about a year ago at the ripe old age of 4 years. I adopted her without seeing even a picture, so when I saw her funny fur I thought she was very sick, until I realized she was a teddy! Then came Penny (about 3 years old) in June, because I knew about the importance of companionship (it's important!). I moved in March and started having a nagging feeling that Agnes was getting old, and something bad was going to happen to her, and Penny would be alone. I didn't want that and my new place was much bigger, so I adopted Bridget (born Halloween 2014), who was nice and pudgy like Agnes. Except then she produced two babies the next morning, Lacey (a ridgeback) and a boy. And after I rehomed the boy then I decided I really enjoyed five, and adopted Mirabelle (Lacey's half sister from the same boy-in-a-cage-of-many-girls accident). And then I proceeded to discover that my paranoia about Agnes's health wasn't unfounded, and in the last three weeks we've seen the vet three times... a visit for a lump that turned out to be a trichofolliculoma also led to the diagnosis of a large abdominal mass (which isn't bothering her, and given her age I'm inclined to not try surgery and just let her live out the rest of her life peacefully), and then the next week she had a corneal ulcer that was so scary the vet gave us oral meds in addition to the topical stuff, and lastly a followup for the eye. But for now I have a herd of mostly happy healthy piggles, and I wanted to say hi and thanks, because it's been a tough couple weeks and this has been such a great place to read advice and opinions. I can't wait to be more involved here!


05-09-15, 09:50 pm
Hello PandaPiggle! So nice to meet you and the girls! That's a great family shot! I'm sorry to hear of Agnes' issues. :-( I hope that Agnes is doing okay.

05-09-15, 09:51 pm
Hi and welcome. sorry you've had a few bad weeks I can totally relate. your piggies are adorable. I'm sure everyone here will be happy to help you with any questions you have .

05-10-15, 07:33 am
I love teddies and am really partial to teddy mixes but I can recall when people shied away from them because they thought there was something wrong with their fur. The rough fur was the result of a mutation. Mirabelle is really cute. Her markings remind me of a Yin Yang symbol.

05-10-15, 08:44 am
Welcome! It's nice to see someone from nearby who loves the piggies. I'm sorry your girl is having health issues, but wish her a speedy recovery

05-10-15, 08:48 am
Actually Agnes is the black and white Yin Yang teddy, named after Agnes from Despicable Me because of that character's black pony tail that stands up straight like Agnes's hair. She's also often referred to as the panda pig, hence my username. Mirabelle is the crested who is all the way right... But that's okay I can barely keep their names straight so I can't really expect it from anyone else.

05-10-15, 08:59 am
And Agnes is doing great, her eye has healed and she is doing her pig thing like a champ! I've found all the answers to my questions here or on Guinealynx, except one weird question that I've never been able to answer - when I tip Agnes up on her back feet (or go to trim her nails) I notice that she can't spread her back toes out like all the other pigs... She's been like that as long as I've had her and it hasn't slowed her down but I was just curious if anybody had seen that before and knew what it was?