View Full Version : Meet Chewbacca and Han Solo (And me!)

05-09-15, 11:48 am
HI THERE! I'm Nikki.

A little bit about me and the Fur pigs:

So, first of all! Hi, I'm Nikki. I currently own 8 Fancy rats and I know a lot about them.. However, Chewbacca and Han Solo are completely foreign to me. They are technically my sister's and her boyfriend's... They don't have enough time for them, so I decided to foster them for an undetermined amount of time... I'm a brand new guinea pig owner and these guys aren't well socialized. So I'm going to be asking a LOT of questions, hope you guys don't mind!


Meet Chewbacca (In the back) and Han Solo (In the front).

05-09-15, 11:56 am
I recognize you from the rat forum :) Welcome! Very cute piggies - and I love the names.

05-09-15, 12:05 pm
I recognize you from the rat forum :) Welcome! Very cute piggies - and I love the names.

Haha! Yeah. x) My room is basically a zoo. Loool. A very organized zoo. xD

05-09-15, 04:17 pm
Welcome! They are both so cute!

05-09-15, 04:51 pm
Oooo.......good thing you live quite a ways from me. I've been known to pignap Abys! :love:

05-09-15, 09:19 pm
Hi Nikki, welcome to the forum! It's nice to see someone else from Southern Ontario, I'm from Stoney Creek. If you have any questions about good places for supplies or whatnot I have some excellent recommendations! Oh, and your boys are very cute!

05-10-15, 06:13 am
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

sallyvh: That would be wonderful! Let me know! :)

I extended there C&C cage to 2x4 squares. They were originally in an old Critter Nation cage, stuck using the top level.
Maybe after a few weeks, I'm going to ask my sister if I can keep them. But, I'm trying to socialize these guys first.. They're still SO shy.

Han Solo won't even come out of the towel when I have him on my lap. :c