View Full Version : Cleaning Hoping for a cleaner (less smelly) kitchen

04-28-15, 03:37 pm
I've got a 1x2 kitchen off the side of my 2x5 cage for my two girls. The entire thing had been covered in fleece and mattress pads but I've noticed lately that things have been a little more...odoriferous. I do daily cleaning twice a day and when doing a sniff test....I noticed that the main cage seemed fine but the kitchen was smelly. I just did a total cage cleaning this afternoon and decided to change from mattress pad & fleece in the kitchen to an inserted coroplast "litter box" with Carefresh bedding (not the pellets). I figure this will help me keep it cleaner as I'll be able to get rid of the soiled bedding every day instead of having a mattress pad with urine on it sitting for a couple of days between changes.

During Tonka's quarantine (for a URI), I had her with the Carefresh bedding and I noticed during one vet visit that it looked like she was munching on some of the bedding. Is this normal? Should I be worried about using this bedding? It's only in the kitchen area. She was only on that bedding for a short pd of time (although that's the only bedding she was on before I got her). I'm hoping that she was just testing it out to figure out what it was....maybe???

05-12-15, 08:26 am
3littlepigz...how's the change to carefresh working for you?

I'm thinking of going the other direction. I'd like to get rid of carefresh in a litter box and switch to an all fleece kitchen area. I know, I must be crazy but I'm tired of carefresh everywhere and I'm tired of emptying a litter box. I have no problem sweeping fleece or shaking it outside. Also, most of the poop is in their bedroom area anyway.

I did a test run yesterday. I put in a smaller litter box and moved the water bottle and pellet dish. I like it, they have more room to run around. They hate it, and me, and the water bottle and they are trying to eat the new box. I'm hoping they will get over it.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Should I make the switch to fleece?

05-12-15, 02:28 pm
It had been working rather well actually! But then I found a supply of hard wood pellets and switched over to that. That's working fabulously.

When I used the Care fresh it wirked well and pretty much stayed in the kitchen area. I built 6" walls separating tge kitchen from the main cage and cut in a "doorway" opening.

My fleece and mattress pad idea in the kitchen got smelly too quickly so I wouldn't do that again but fleece and pellets....That's the way to go in my opinion!