View Full Version : Meggy have arrived

04-28-15, 09:13 am
Hello !
I´m António from Portugal :D
I have a female guinea pig, she have 3 months :cool:
My english is a bit rusty lol sorry about that :)

04-28-15, 09:15 am
Welcome to the forums!!! Can't wait to see pigtures!!! :)

04-28-15, 09:16 am
thank you ! i will go take care of the topic whit her pictures :P

04-28-15, 09:26 am
Here she is :D


04-28-15, 09:33 am
OMG she is so beautiful!!! We have two boys they are brothers who are about 5 months old. Not sure what kind of cage you have her in but make sure she has plenty of room to run about. :) There are plenty of threads here with cage ideas and bedding ideas. I made a C&C cage for my boys and use fleece bedding.

04-28-15, 09:37 am
She is very pretty. I really like the name Meggy. I used to have a rat that I named Megan and I always called her Meggy. I'm sure your new baby will give you lots of enjoyment and happiness.

Welcome to the forum. It's so nice to have you here.

04-28-15, 09:40 am
I have a cage, 80cm by 50cm, but she only stays there when we are at work, otherwise she is around the house :)
Here in Portugal i didn´t found yet this C&C to make her a cage :\

04-28-15, 09:40 am
Thank´s Kelsie :D