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04-27-15, 03:42 pm
Hey! I'm new to the forums and just wanted to introduce myself! I currently have 4 male piggies! 3 are young and under 6 months, and 1 is about 2 1/2 yrs old. They all live together and its going great! I got the three young ones, (Snickers, Twix, and Oreo), at various petshops, BUT that was before I heard about adoptions and rescues. I didn't know any different. But once I found out, I adopted a fourth piggie, named Bobo, from a family who's daughter had lost interest in him and no longer had time to care for him. Anyways, Just wanted to introduce myself ;)

04-27-15, 03:52 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum! :)

04-27-15, 03:54 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum! :)

Thanks so much!

04-28-15, 09:14 am
Hello !
Welcome :)

04-28-15, 09:31 am
Hello and welcome to the forum!!! There is so much helpful information to be found in various threads about anything and everything. Every thread I read I learn something new. Can't wait to see pigtures of your boys!!!

04-28-15, 01:21 pm
Hi and welcome! Do you have properly sized cages for your fur babies?

Also, neat coincidence: when my pet-shop girl had babies, I rehomed two, and the new owner named one Oreo :)

04-28-15, 03:40 pm
Welcome! Let's see some pictures!