View Full Version : Hello!!!!! My name is Amanda I am from oregon

Amanda Marie
04-23-15, 11:56 pm
Hello, My name is Amanda and I have 4 guinea pigs and a rabbit. 7373573736737377373873739

04-24-15, 02:21 am
Welcome Amanda. Your pigs and rabbit are cute. What are their names? Males? Females? All living together or in pairs? Just remember not to allow the pigs & rabbit to interact, even supervised.

04-24-15, 07:42 am
Welcome Amanda and friends! Yes, please tell us more about the piggies and rabbit!

04-24-15, 09:27 am
Cute bunny! Give it a companion!

Amanda Marie
04-24-15, 09:21 pm
My rabbits name is Wayland, no contact with pigs. The first pic is my new pig, he doesn't have a name I have a forum for name suggestions. Second pic is Shadow he loves to lick people and he is in the process of being bonded with Bear. Third pic is Rudy he is 5 he is bonded with the baby pig who is nameless, fourth pic is Bear, he is white all over with brown face and brown spots he is skittish and testy. I have 5 years experience with guinea pigs, I am 23