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04-21-15, 09:24 pm
Well, my name is Anthony and I am 24. My sister bought a guinea pig for my special needs niece. Unfortunately they have not been taking very good care of little Lemon at all. So I came to the rescue! I literally saved her today. First thing I did was clean the cage (two weeks of filth) and replaced the shredded newspaper with folded newspaper for easier spot cleanings until I can get fleece. They had a big bag of timothy hay but never opened it and they only thing poor lemon ate was bag food and piles of strawberries. The food dish was nothing more than a sour cream and onion dip lid. Lemon would often walk all over it and poop end urinate on he own food (super frowny face). I got her a decent gravity feed and upgraded her water bottle. She is a much happier piggy now and I still have lots more to do (getting a bigger cage is super important). Here is a picture post badness.

04-22-15, 04:32 am
She looks super sweet. You're right about the cage, definitely needs to be bigger. You've come to the right place to learn everything you need to know. Welcome!

04-22-15, 08:04 am
Poor little sweetie. Thanks so much for intervening!

04-22-15, 08:15 am
Lemon is an adorable name for an adorable piggy!
Good for you for improving her quality of life!
If they had a nice big bag of Timothy hay, why didn’t they use it? Maybe there wasn’t enough room in the cage or something...
I’m guessing that getting Lemon a friend is on your to-do list, after improving their cage of course! :)

04-22-15, 09:17 am
welcome to you and to Lemon! I am so glad you were able to take her in and give the care she needed. This is a great site to give you ideas to get your new cage started! I can't wait to see what you come up with, you sound very motivated :)

04-23-15, 12:32 am
I have been reading about guinea pigs doing better with friends, it is definitely on my to do list. Hopefully I can locate a rescue piggy and improve both their lives! Ive been learning so much they last few days and I have tons of ideas. First I need to get her guinea pellets, the food she has is a mix and she only ever eats the pellets and sunflower seeds out of it.

04-23-15, 09:02 am
If you don't have a rescue nearby or a shelter that deals with piggies, Craigslist is also a great source. Just be sure to avoid breeders! Usually it's pretty apparent when an ad is a genuine rehome, and you can get some great deals. I adopted Amy there for $30, and she came with food, a food storage bin, hay, grids, water bottles, wood shavings, and a pet store cage (I didn't use the latter two items, but the others came in handy). Her former owner bought her with another pig who was missexed, resulting in Amy having pups. At the end of that fiasco, they just wanted to get rid of them all, and Amy was last to go.

04-23-15, 10:33 am
Welcome to you both! That's so wonderful that you've rescued Lemon! Would love to hear how things progress and what her final habitat and living arrangements (cage friend) are like! You're doing a great thing!!!

04-23-15, 03:10 pm
Yay!!! Lemon is such an adorable name!! Keep us updated with Lemon and her road to happiness! If you need any help finding cage materials or a cage mate or any advice on all things piggies this forum is seriously the best :)