View Full Version : Neutering/Spaying I think my guinea pig might have cysts. Don't know what to do.

04-19-15, 10:22 pm
Hi guys, for the past week one of my guinea pig has become uncharacteristically aggressive towards the other guinea pig and attempting to mount her a lot. Today, I noticed that her nipples were crusty looking and to my knowledge they've always been kinda long. When I looked those up on google, all signs pointed towards cysts.
Other than the unusual aggression, she appears to be very healthy and has a great appetite. Her behavior hasn't changed otherwise.
Spaying seems risky and expensive. She may die during the operation or from infections afterwards. The pain is also immense. I don't want to pay for the operation only to have her last moments on earth to be in pain. I also worry that she may never be the same afterwards.
I'm balancing the following options in my head:

Don't spay until the cysts start to cause her pain, then spay.
Don't spay until the cysts start to cause her pain, then euthanize.
Spay and take the risk.

I'm a first time guinea pig owner so I hope that I am just blowing everything out of proportion. What would you guys do?

04-20-15, 07:41 am
How old is she? Is she in good health?

Spaying is the only thing that will truly solve the problem. But for some older or less robust pigs, hormone injections can be used. Sometimes they work for a long time, sometimes for a few months, sometimes not at all.

In the hands of a competent exotic vet who has experience with the procedure, most sows recover ok. Just don't risk your pig with some inexperienced vet.

I have sows that are almost six, and one shows some signs of ovarian cysts. It's not clear-cut, and because of that and her age, I've opted not to have her spayed. But if the behavior gets worse or she has other symptoms, I will try the hormone injections.

04-20-15, 09:34 am
She's about 1.5 years old. She got her initial vet visit about 5 months ago.