View Full Version : Hello; new cavy owner here! Need help with bedding and lice treatment

04-17-15, 02:16 pm
Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to owning guinea pigs. My kids and I got our guineas from a rat rescue near us. When we went to pick them up they were in clean, but really tight living spaces. We adopted a long haired guinea and her two baby girls. The moms name is Pearl and her babies are Rose and Lola. We had done a little digging before we got our guineas and thought that a c&c cage would be the best then we discovered fleece as bedding, and now I feel like we've kinda gone down the rabbit ( or should I say guinea ) trail. Fleece bedding is nice because we didn't want to spend a fortune on throw away bedding, I love to sew, and if I were a guinea pig I would want to live on fleece. So we adopted our girls three weeks ago and yesterday a woman from the rescue called and told us that someone else that had rescued guineas from them called and told them that their guineas had lice. She called me to tell me that ours probably had lice too. So I went to the vet today and she told me that I should get rid of my fleece and go back to wood shavings or something I could dispose of daily. That will cost an arm and leg. Why would she recommend that? Also if I stay with fleece, do I have to change it daily during the mite/ lice treatment. That would be a lot of laundry. She gave them a shot and we have to go back in about ten days to get the last dose. Any advice would be appreciated. We have fallen in love with our little girls, and we hope soon they trust and love us too!

04-17-15, 02:34 pm
I'm pretty sure washing the fleece in hot water, detergent and vinegar will kill lice. Maybe Google it? People get lice and I'm pretty sure they don't throw their sheets, etc. away.

04-17-15, 02:52 pm
Fleece is way better than wood shavings -- most vets just don't know it. Just change the cage every day or so and wash the fleece in hot water, detergent and bleach.

You're sure they're all girls? You've turned them over and checked?