View Full Version : Meet Squiggy!

04-15-15, 10:31 pm
Hello everyone! This last Monday, I brought home my very first Guinea pig, Squiggy (AKA Squiggy-Piggy or Sqigs). I work at PetSmart and I would walk by the cages everyday and see his ridiculously cute face and I couldn't resist! Usually I do months of research before bringing home a new pet, but (I'm ashamed to admit) he was an impulse buy. I'm trying to give him some time to settle in without bugging him, but it's hard to resist because he's just so dang cute! I'm super excited to make his life as happy as a little piggy can be!

04-16-15, 02:34 am
Welcome to the forums and becoming a piggy slave ;)! He's so adorable :o!

Here are some of the best places/websites to start doing research:


There's a lot to take in but Squiggy (love that name by the way :D) will be forever grateful for you researching what he needs. If you have any questions the forum search function is handy but don't be afraid to ask questions if you can't find the answer.

04-16-15, 07:15 am
welcome to you and to Squiggy, he is very cool! You will learn great stuff here!