View Full Version : Updated the Cage Links page

03-03-02, 06:42 pm
Added graphics. I got tired of having to go the sites to remember which one was which.

Also, I added a section for links to C&C Cages. Now that I have that, if anyone has a page with C&C cages, let me know and I'll add your site/page.


07-18-02, 05:27 am
Here is my page with my C&C cage. Nothing fancy, but theres a little photo album there with pictures of my piggies in the cage!

homepage.mac.com/varkgirl/gps/cage.html (http://homepage.mac.com/varkgirl/gps/cage.html)

11-02-02, 12:30 pm
Hello. Excellent site! My piggers and family would all like to thank you!

I came up with a way of making ramps that a few folks in the Cages forum seem to like. I have pictures online at community.webshots.com/album/53452725aqLeGB. You are more than welcome to put a link to this site anywhere you would like. My guineas won't know what to do with their "superstar" house!