View Full Version : Hi Everyone Im New Here!

04-15-15, 09:45 am
My names Mickey and ive had my adorable floof ball for 5 months now shes a little fatty :) and I love her to death I just want to share a few pictures with you guys of her :)735867358773588

04-15-15, 09:46 am
She's so cute! Welcome!

04-15-15, 09:46 am
Thanks I just love looking at adorable pictures of everyone everyone's piggies :) oh her names potato to lol!

04-15-15, 11:04 am
Welcome to the boards!!! She's so stinking cute!! I love her name also. :) There is so much helpful information on the boards, I will tell you first hand just reading through other people's threads I learn something new daily. Hope you have a fantastic day.

04-15-15, 11:06 am
Annikasmommy thanks! Ive learned a few things read in posts on here myself :) lol when she lays down she looks like a big floofy baked potato so I named her potato cx lol you also have an amazing day! :)

04-15-15, 11:09 am
Oh she's so cute. I just love the Shorthairs.

04-15-15, 11:10 am
I love longhairs to they gave such soft fur if taken care of! :) but her fur gets everywhere on me lol I can imagine how bad a long hair one is!

04-15-15, 12:14 pm
Welcome Mickey and Potato!! Such a cute name :) She's a sweetheart and reminds me of a piggy I had a long time ago. His name was Buttons but we called him "Wit-Wit" because he only made the short little wheek noises that sounded like "wit wit wit" LOL.

04-15-15, 01:24 pm
Awww! She looks just like my little Heidi <3 welcome!!