View Full Version : Longtime Reader. Finally Registered. Hi, Everyone!

Pinkie Pie
04-11-15, 08:54 pm
Hello everyone. I have been returning to this site on and off for about three or four years now, doing my research and biding my time till I could get my own piggies. I adopted my two rescues, Pinkie Pie and Sparkles, a few months ago and I'm just loving them! I am SO grateful for all the practical advice on this site, especially regarding C&C cage construction and bedding. Invaluable! Thank you to all who share their expertise here!

04-11-15, 08:56 pm
Welcome! Very cute little ones you have there.

04-11-15, 09:04 pm
Welcome! Also very cute piggies, would you mind specifying which is which? (I have Guinea pigs that look like yours named Chloe and Zoe!)

Pinkie Pie
04-11-15, 09:26 pm
Sorry! Pinkie Pie is brown and Sparkles is white.

04-12-15, 06:51 am
What adorable piggies you have. Are you an MLP fan with those names? My kids were :) Great job studying and researching, its paid off. Welcome to the forum (officially) :)

Pinkie Pie
04-12-15, 12:04 pm
Thank you 80s_piggies! My daughter quite likes MLP, but I just always thought the name of that pony was very cute.