View Full Version : Upper Levels Do your guinea pigs actually use the upper level?

04-10-15, 12:49 pm
I'm considering adding an upper level to my 2x4 but I don't want to bother if my boys don't actually use it. Do your pigs spend much time up there?

04-10-15, 12:53 pm
I have a 2x4 with an upper level. It depends on the pig. My girls haven't been using the second level much the past few months, I don't know why, but they used to use it very regularly. My oldest is 6 years old, so maybe she's just not feeling the need to go up the ramp anymore. But, when she was younger her favorite thing to do was run up and down the ramp all night.

04-10-15, 01:10 pm
Mine use it constantly, their main kitchen and hay is up there so they are always up and down. It's also part of their evening running laps routine LOL

04-10-15, 01:31 pm
We couldn't live without the loft! Mine is a 2x2 and there is enough room for a good sized litter box, hay rack, water bottle, pellet dish........AND, a cardboard hidey. My two can get away from each other if they wish, and almost always one of them sleeps in the loft.

Probably the best benefit is that they get a good bit of exercise from running up and down the ramp.