View Full Version : C&C Where do you get the clear walls?

Chayna Renee
04-10-15, 09:21 am
I have seen so many pictures of cages that have clear walls instead of the cubes. I was just wondering where exactly you get that and does it take longer to connect to the rest of the cage then the cubes?

04-10-15, 10:08 am
I'm assuming you're talking about plexiglass, which is available from hardware and home improvement stores. You just need a drill to put holes in it to run the zip-ties through.

Chayna Renee
04-10-15, 12:10 pm
Okei. Thank you.

04-10-15, 01:28 pm
Home Depot have them too. They are very expensive when you get the pre-measured ones on the shelves. Some large sign companies have them too and they are cheaper. I wanted to see my piggies and I did not replace the grid with the plastic, but replaced half of the coroplast side with the plexiglass/acrylic panel. I wanted them to each get light in the multi cage unit that I build. There is a person on eBay that does the half plexiglass in the appropriate size of a grid. The holes are already drill in them. He charges $29 for six. I will see if I can find the site and get back to you.
BTW, when I attempted to drill holes in mines it cracked. So I will think that you will need to also consider thickness of the plexiglass/acrylic panel. I just clip my on to the grid and it worked for me. I only needed to use it on the long side of the cage.

04-10-15, 01:50 pm
It won't crack when you drill it if you drill a pilot hole with a very small bit, then enlarge the hole with a larger bit.

04-10-15, 03:59 pm
The cage store sells them too, cut to the same size as the grids.


04-14-15, 10:06 am
Thank you bpatters! I will try that and see how it comes out. It will also save me some grid for the other cage that I am building.

04-14-15, 10:15 am
[/QUOTE]The cage store sells them too, cut to the same size as the grids.

http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/p...w#.VShHj5N9OM8 (http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/pigture-window#.VShHj5N9OM8)

I checked into this lunarminx and they do sell them but at $8+ a panel it's too steep for me. I find that home Depot is way cheaper.