View Full Version : Hello! Happy to be here!

04-08-15, 10:01 am
Hello everyone! Today marks one full week of sharing my home with three new GPs - Tonka (mine), Princess (my daughter's), and Chika (my son's). They are all just so sweet! Unfortunately, though, Princess appears to be battling an illness. She's on meds (vet visit last Monday) but seems to be a teeny bit worse. :(

Looking forward to participating in this group!

04-08-15, 01:30 pm
Welcome to the forum! Your piggies are so cute and the last one looks like my Isaac :) I'm sorry to hear that Princess isn't feeling well but I hope that her illness will clear up soon!

04-08-15, 02:45 pm
Thank you, gpiggies!

Is Isaac the one on the left in your picture? Yours are so cute! I'm hoping Princess gets better soon...I'm really worried because I'd expect that she'd be getting better, not worse-looking. :-( She is the one in the last picture (the Isaac look-a-like). I've been enjoying reading and learning from everyone in this forum! I love this place!!

04-08-15, 04:08 pm
What kind of bedding are they on? It looks like maybe a comforter or other thick-ish type blanket.

04-08-15, 04:19 pm
It does look pretty thick, doesn't it? :) It's actually just fleece (purchased at Walmart) over a mattress pad. The mattress pad is pretty cushy. The fleece itself is the "normal" thickness.

04-08-15, 07:50 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum! You can start a medical thread for Princess if you have questions, but if she's not getting better then you should probably call the vet and let them know, she may need a different medication.

04-09-15, 05:32 am
Thank you, Rywen! I'm about to start a medical thread for her. :( New development yesterday evening...unfortunately not positive...though she is acting better, except for her new physical challenge.