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04-07-15, 07:22 am
I have wanted guinea pigs for several years now and just haven't had the room for them. We recently moved into a bigger place and we have the perfect spot for a big c&c cage, so I'm FINALLY getting my piggies!

My husband's cousin had bought one for her 2 year old (brilliant, right?) on Christmas, and of course that didn't last long till she wanted rid of it. So we bought him and all his stuff for $50. His name is Oatmeal. He is a pet store pig. He is missing half an ear, I guess due to a fight when he was younger. He has no idea what fresh veggies are and his cage had NEVER been cleaned out. I spent the whole night scrubbing his tiny cage out making it livable for him, cuddling him and singing to him. Been bringing him dandelion greens and clover for salads and making sure he has lots of hay, and just trying to let him get used to our sounds and smells and let him settle in. I've felt terrible because we got him on Friday and I'm just now building his cage today on Tuesday. I had to wait for everything to ship. At the same time, I think it kind of works out because...

I'm getting him a cagemate today. This new little guy was hand raised from a baby and LOVES veggies and has lived in a wonderful home, but he is the result of accidental breeding and his owner is trying to downsize, so I was eager to take him so my Oatmeal can have a friend. I've been reading all about introducing them and have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to do it (bathtime, then put them both in the new cage for the first time together). I've got them each separate food and water containers, separate hidey places, and the cage will be 2x4 to start. I've got plenty of material to expand if they seem like they need more room. Hopefully the introductions go well and the new pig can teach Oatmeal to eat fresh veggies.

I'm planning to use fleece and having a rough time getting it prepped. I'm going to use mattress pads, towel, and then fleece sewn together into custom fit mats held down with velcro for the whole floor area, and then additional smaller fleece flippers for the kitchen and sleeping areas. I've been reading quite a few threads on fleece so hopefully after this 4th wash with vinegar it will wick properly. It's the walmart blanket kind so I'm prepared to go out to hancocks and buy some microfleece and anti pill if need be. I may do so anyway just to have it on hand. I want to make some fleece cozies and a forest anyway.

I've also seen some things about putting a brick under the water bottles. I'm going to find some more to read on that cuz I'm not sure why to do that except to just keep the water from getting on the bedding?

Anyway here's a picture of Oatmeal and I can't wait to post more and get to know you all and your piggies!


04-07-15, 07:52 am
Your little Oatmeal is very cute, and great idea to get your guinea pig a friend. Welcome to the forum!

04-07-15, 09:23 am
Welcome! Getting a friend is a great idea, Oatmeal is cute! I just love Abby's and have one myself :)