View Full Version : I'm Lou, meet Roxie & Angel.

04-05-15, 01:55 pm
Hey y'all, I'm a new cavy owner from the East Coast. I picked up two girls last February and they've made themselves out to be quite the little pieces of work. I owned a pair of gerbils for the previous 4 years, and loved them dearly. I hope to give these piggies a great home.
73439(My apologies for the iPhone quality, definitely bringing my camera to tonight's floortime)
The one on the left is Angel. She's not the friendliest piggie, but I'm hoping that with some dedication and time she will come around. Roxie is the black and caramel haired pig, she is the friendlier of the two and I know she has the potential to be a very rewarding pet (she can't resist a good behind-the-ear scratch, no matter how un-tame).

04-05-15, 03:00 pm
Welcome to to forum! Roxie and Angel are gorgeous piggies. I have Penny who was extremely skittish, time and daily lap time with veggies have brought her around. It took over 6 months and she still has moments, but she's so much more relaxed and happier now. The time and patience it can take are definitely worth it!

maddy harper
04-06-15, 01:53 am
hi and welcome
your pigs names are so cute... you've chosen well...

04-06-15, 10:19 am
Thank you both! I don't plan on giving up with Angel, just last night she ate veggies on my lap during lap time (before peeing on me twice, but progress!) so there still must be hope! To maddy, naming pigs is my favorite part of the process and I wanted to pick some names I wouldn't regret. I do wish I knew a little more about my piggies before I named them though, Roxie turned out to be more of an angel than Angel. lol