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04-05-15, 01:03 pm
Hello everyone. I have been a member of the forum for about three weeks now. I have learned so much about how to care for these furry friends while on the forum. So far I have found everyone really helpful and knowledgeable. I am proud to say, I finally have a guinea pig friend in my life named Link. I got him yesterday, and he is adjusting really well. He let me hold him in my arms today, and even trim his long nails without a nip. I know it is better to have two guinea pigs, but at the moment our cage is quite small, so I would like to wait to get Link a friend until I can afford a larger cage.


Link enjoying his Easter present, a new bed! Thank you so much for being so welcoming!

04-05-15, 02:13 pm
Welcome CassiesCavy and Link! Congratulations on finding your new friend, he's very cute! Love the name too, are you a gamer? I have a pig named Zelda myself. Are you planning to build a cage yourself or buy one online? If you build one on your own, they can be very low-cost. My first was a 2x4 grid C&C made with a $20 box of wire grids and leftover scraps of coroplast that I got for free from a sign shop.

When you do get Link a buddy, make sure to be careful with the introductions. http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm#Introductions
Good luck and Happy Easter!

04-05-15, 02:49 pm
Welcome to the forum, Link is adorable and his bed looks great!

04-05-15, 06:28 pm
Thanks for the warm welcome, LifeAsItMayBe. My sister is the gamer as well as the one who named our new furry companion. She loves the Legends of Zelda. (She is completely addicted)
As for cages, I have decided to buy one from the store on this forum. We will keep the old cage in case Link doesn't get along with the new guinea pig.
Thank you so much for the helpful link on introductions. We will make sure to find a companion for Link as soon as possible, and the closest guinea pig rescue to us makes sure to find good matches for every cavy that comes in. Happy Easter to you as well!

maddy harper
04-06-15, 01:52 am
hi and welcome
great name by the way :]

04-07-15, 07:54 am
Thanks maddy harper!

04-07-15, 09:24 am
Link is a cutie, love the new bed!

04-07-15, 10:02 am
Here's another intro site with more information suited to introducing pigs who are going to live with each other: http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html

04-07-15, 01:23 pm
Welcome! He is adorable!

04-17-15, 09:18 pm
Update on Link:
A week ago I saw that Link was starting to show signs of illness. I suspected he might have had ringworm, so my mom and I took him to the exotic vet who specializes in guinea pigs, and they also thought ringworm might be the cause of his illness. When the test results came back, it was no shock that he did have the fungal infection. Currently he is staying with the vet receiving daily treatment. Do not worry. Little Link is getting all the attention and veggies he needs while he is recovering. (I made sure of that) I wish we could have kept him at our house, but ringworm is contagious, and we have other animals living with us. We will be getting him back in about two weeks from now.