View Full Version : Petstores are so bad

04-02-15, 07:01 am

WOW! This add shocks me!

Chayna Renee
04-02-15, 08:23 am
That just goes to show how bad they really are. I have no idea how they get away with this. It just breaks my heart and makes me so mad at the same time.

04-02-15, 08:53 am
They'll say anything to make a sale. Disgusting, and it's a good thing the bunny didn't decide to retaliate against the guinea pig or it would be a dead piggy.

04-02-15, 10:50 am
Ya that makes it so hard for me to avoid the little guy. Like he is obviously just super sweet to let the little pig push him around lol! And can you imagine they probably had all three in a petstore cage or something small! That is s bad!

04-02-15, 11:01 am
That is why I avoid going to Pet Stores because every time I do I get upset.

I get my fish food online along with everything else these days