View Full Version : Haii. My name is Kylee Durfey.

04-02-15, 12:02 am
HAYO Im Kylee Durfey. My mom Is Diana Durfey, And we have 3 Piggies.
We got them 4 weeks ago , There is a mom and her two babies, 1 of the babies is a boy and his name is Toothless (oldest) , The other baby is a girl and her name is Jana ( youngest),And the mom is Alice. lol
Thats all iv really got to say so if you have got any tips for me and my mom please leave a comment ( THANKS)

04-02-15, 12:23 am
Hello and welcome.

For anyone else wanting to know the housing situation is explained in this thread http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/106566-Finally-introducing-us!

Diana Durfey
04-02-15, 02:04 am
Kylee, I love the picture of the girls piggy bum shot!!

04-02-15, 02:30 am
Hi and welcome to the forum!

You piggies are adorable!

04-02-15, 08:17 am
They are so cute!

If mama pig does turn out pregnant, please share pup pictures!

04-02-15, 08:08 pm
Hello and welcome! Your piggies are adorable!

maddy harper
04-05-15, 08:00 am
hi and welcome

04-05-15, 08:05 am
Hi, and welcome to the forum. Males are fertile at 3 weeks of age so you might have 2 pregnant females right now. You need to separate the male from the females now.

04-06-15, 01:12 pm
hi and welcome love the name Toothless lol