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03-30-15, 11:38 pm

Here are my babies, born March 2nd. Think they're both girls.

03-31-15, 12:40 am
c.sheree - those babies are adorable! I do love the Abyssinians. The OP lives in Freeport, IL though.

03-31-15, 12:43 am
They just turned 5 weeks and have been segregated until I can determine sexes. I got them because prior litter was mis-sexed.

03-31-15, 12:58 am
How are they separated if you aren't sure of their sex yet?

03-31-15, 12:58 am
Different cages

03-31-15, 01:01 am
What I mean is - how did you determine who to separate if you don't know which are female and which are male?

03-31-15, 01:02 am
Both babies and mom are in 3 separate cages.

03-31-15, 01:04 am
Males can impregnate females at 3 weeks old. If any males are with any females - including mom, the females can be pregnant already.

03-31-15, 01:07 am
Right now no one is together, so that can't happen. Mom is by herself and each baby is in separate spaces too. There are no 2 piggies together.

03-31-15, 01:10 am
c.sheree - okay, I misunderstood. Well, once gender is determined there will be a lovely reunion of sorts :-) What are your plans with the babies?

03-31-15, 01:13 am
I'd like to rehome them. 6 months ago I had 1 piggie, now I have 6!

03-31-15, 01:15 am
If you can get clear photos of their genitals and post them up we may be able to help you sex them.

03-31-15, 01:20 am

This is LB (Little Bear)

03-31-15, 01:21 am

This is Dolce.

03-31-15, 02:05 am
They both look like boys to me.

03-31-15, 04:44 am
If you're having trouble determining the gender of these, how certain are you of your other 3? How many cages do you have? I agree that these look like males.

03-31-15, 05:09 am
They both look like males to me as well. Here are some good further sexing tips with pictures:


When you're absolutely certain they are both male you can try putting them together, since they are social herd animals:

http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm#Introductions)

03-31-15, 06:06 am
They both look male to me also

03-31-15, 05:18 pm
Very Cute!!

03-31-15, 05:20 pm
Thanks everyone

03-31-15, 05:40 pm
Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are both boys. Good luck rehoming them! I would take one, but I only have girls, and don't want babies.

03-31-15, 05:41 pm
LOL I didn't either! !

03-31-15, 05:44 pm
haha lol At least they and mom are healthy!

03-31-15, 06:32 pm
With her fertile self!

03-31-15, 06:34 pm

This is mom, Penelope (Nelly)

maddy harper
04-01-15, 06:46 am
hello there and welcome

04-01-15, 08:29 am
pinky I have 5 cages. The 2 now definite males are together (they have testicles). I tried to put the 2 definite females together but there was a horrible fight so they are separated and the new babies are separated until sex is confirmed.

04-01-15, 08:44 am
They are so very sweet! I agree they both look like boys to me and I just love Abby's! I wish you the best of luck in finding homes for them when they are ready :love:

04-01-15, 09:10 am
I love them all. It's just so hard to properly care for 6 piggies.

04-01-15, 09:56 am
The two females might be fighting if the cage isn't large enough. Check out cage size standards at www.guineapigcages.com .

04-01-15, 10:06 am
I think you're correct. Until 6 weeks ago I thought I had 4 girls because the boys were mis-sexed. I haven't had time to come up with good solutions yet. I'm hoping to adopt out the boys and the new babies and keep the 2 females. My Gillie I've had 3 years and Nelly who I rescued from the SPCA this past August who gave birth 10 days after I adopted her. I didn't know she was preggers.

Diana Durfey
04-01-15, 10:38 pm
Good Luck adopting out your adorable babies. I love Abby's. If I hadn't found the 3 I found I was going to keep going until I found some Abby's.

04-02-15, 08:27 am
Those babies are boys :) And absolutely so handsome!

You said you separated the boys from mom at 5 weeks, if I understood you correctly... at five weeks mom, and each baby were in three separate cages? If so, be prepared to possibly have another litter. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but if either of those babies were with females after 21 days, a girl can be pregnant.

If you would like, you can post cage dimensions and pictures of all six of your pigs bits, and we may be able to help figure out a solution until you can adopt some out!

I know how stressful it is to unknowingly adopt a pregnant girl. I adopted two girls from the shelter, but one was unknowingly pregnant. 2 piggies turned into 6!

04-02-15, 09:44 am
The new babies were born on March 1st. I separated everyone on March 29th. So they were just turning 4 weeks old. I miscounted the day they were born as a week.

04-02-15, 11:05 am

04-02-15, 07:54 pm
Oh my they are cute!!!