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03-25-15, 07:46 am
Hey everyone. I recently became a guinea pig owner and made sure to do lots of research before I went out and got them. I decided to join this forum because it seems like there is a lovely community of helpful people around that know a lot about guinea pigs. I also want to be able to help people with what I know as well since I have already been dealing with a couple things since I got my furry little friends. No worries though, they are fine. Just had a irritated eye issue and another one has polydactyly.

Nice to meet you all!

03-25-15, 08:22 am
Welcome! I have learned a great deal from this forum and have gotten great advice. How many piggies do you have? I have two boars named Alfie (abyssinian) and Nicodemus (smooth, pretty red eyes)

03-25-15, 09:59 am
It is so nice to meet you and those names are awesome. I have three little girls named Whizzer, Diglet and Keeko. Whizzer was born with polydactyly so she is currently at petco, cause I temporarily took her back to get vet assistance. However the vet said it was nothing to be concerned about. I basically am gonna end up driving for 4 hours all together for this and I have been away from my fluffy friend for about 4 days all for nothing. It makes me so aggravated. They said I could trade her out but no way! I am much too attached and will be taking her to another vet with more knowledge cause I feel like Whizzer didn't get the care she deserved at the other place. I have no idea what types of guinea pigs I have. They are most likely the American kind.

I know that buying from a pet store isn't a good way to go but I believe that all piggies need love and we didn't have any adoption options available here. Petco never even told me that they did adoptions til I called them trying to get Whizzer help. They asked if I adopted or bought the pet and I thought that was quite rude of them! Why they don't tell customers about that is beyond me.

03-25-15, 10:04 am
I also added a picture of my guinea pigs to my profile but for some reason it isn't showing up. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would appreciate the help.

03-25-15, 10:12 am
I'm glad you are helping Whizzer out, hopefully there are no other underlying issues. Very cute names!

I see the picture in your profile. Also add it as your "avatar" and it will show up in your posts under your name at the left. But by all means please add it in a reply here as well so we can see it nice and big :) Here are my boys


03-25-15, 10:18 am

Hopefully it will show up bigger so that you can see it good. If not I will try again. Whizzer is the grey and white one, Keeko is tan and white and Diglet has lots of colors going on. She is the cutest little tan colored bottom ever. She is also the one in the corner.

Your guinea pigs are so adorable! Oh my goodness! I love the one on the left with his hair looking all silly. Too cute!!

03-25-15, 10:22 am
I see it great! They are very sweet. I love gray and whites, I feel like they look cozy...like gray clothes seem more cozy? hahaha :) And yea, Alfie is an abyssinian so his hair goes every which way but flat LOL. I love it though, as quirky as his personality

03-25-15, 10:59 am

There is a better picture of Diglet and the cage once I had all the items added.

03-25-15, 11:04 am
Yea I think that my little Keeko might be part Abyssinian. Her hair is longer than the other two but it doesn't go in different directions. It just kinda lays down flat but she is definitely the softest. Oh and update! I am getting Whizzer back today. I was gonna go tomorrow cause it takes two hours to get there and then 2 hours back but I decided I didn't want to make her stay another night at that dreadful place. She needs her cucumbers and kiwi.

I know it's not good to feed them kiwi often but it has a ton of vitamin c and Whiz loves it so I am gonna surprise her with a treat. While she was gone, I fed kiwi to the other two and they didn't really eat any of it. So yea, I am gonna get them some more romain lettuce and hay today as well. I am so happy that I will have my sweet pet home with me in less than 6 hours!

03-25-15, 11:39 am
Good job on the cage! I'm sure Whiz will love her treat, congrats on her coming home! If you want to do a great Vitamin C booster more often, bell pepper is a great option. It's a staple in our house :)

03-25-15, 11:57 am
Welcome to the world of Guinea Pigs!

Looks like you made a great choice by starting your pigs in a C&C cage!

Not sure where you live in Maine, but here are 13 adoptable guinea pigs listed on petfinder.com within an hour of Portland, Maine, including a couple of newborn babies. Next time you may want to consider adopting instead of buying a pet store pig.

Here's a great guide as to what foods you should feed. Green or red leaf lettuce would be great substitutes for the romaine. And the best way to get vitamin C into your pigs is via bell pepper. Yellow and red bell pepper have twice as much vitamin C as the kiwi and can be fed much more often because they are not loaded with sugar.

Because your pigs are from the store, please double and triple check whether they are all female. Then check again. Maybe even check 1 more time (you can post pictures of the relevant parts here and the experts can help!) Pet stores frequently incorrectly sex their pigs and if you have a male mixed in with your herd, you'll soon find yourself wall to wall with piggies. As you can see from the first link, there are plenty of unwanted pigs already in need of a home.

Good luck and enjoy your piggies!

03-25-15, 12:05 pm
They are so adorable!!! Love your cage!

03-25-15, 08:40 pm
Thank you guys for all the care and support. It really means a lot to me and I am absorbing all the advice I can get. I made sure to get the green pepper before I came home with Whizzer and I did end up getting her a kiwi, but only fed her half since the other guinea pigs don't like it.

Cutest thing, when I put her back in her cage she did the happy guinea pig wheeks and it was the most adorable thing I have ever witnessed. Just to see how happy she was to be back in her environment with all her little piggie friends. They are now running around popcorning like crazy! Never seen them this happy, although I have seen them popcorn plenty. There is just something so different about the happiness they have now that they are all together.

I also got them a new house so now they have four. It's a purple barn with steps like the ones they had at the pet store. 3 guinea pigs...four houses. Goodness I hope that stops the territorial bickering. I got home today and Keeko and Diglet must have gotten feisty cause one of the houses was completely tipped over. Luckily they don't get violent. Wish I would have taken a picture of the havoc they caused. Haha!

03-25-15, 09:26 pm
I'm glad they're doing fine. But don't give her half a kiwi at a time -- that's way too much sugar in one jolt. Guinea pig innards don't process sugar well, and it upsets the bacterial balance in the digestive tract.

03-25-15, 09:37 pm
Thanks for letting me know that as well. I honestly think that some of the other piggies might have eaten it too when I was not looking but I will make sure not to do that again. Maybe that is why they were running around all silly and popcorning. They were all hopped up on sugar. Looks like their momma (me) will be eating the other half of the kiwi and I am not complaining. Hehe! I feel so guilty when I eat their food but it is nice having salad foods around all the time. They don't mind sharing as long as I always have enough for them too.

03-26-15, 12:21 am
Welcome! I have learned a great deal from this forum and have gotten great advice. How many piggies do you have? I have two boars named Alfie (abyssinian) and Nicodemus (smooth, pretty red eyes)

I love the name Nicodemus...Nihm fan?

03-26-15, 07:14 am
I love the name Nicodemus...Nihm fan?

haha yes! It fit him too perfect, same colors, glowing eyes...and of course those eyes look like the stone too :-D I'm dating myself...both my piggies are named after 80's characters (Even though I call him Alfie as opposed to ALF) lol But it works and their personalities match as well!