View Full Version : New page of DIRECTIONS!!

03-03-02, 02:59 pm
Quite a few people seem to find the existing page of directions a bit overwhelming. I have left that page there and added a link to a new page. The link is also in the text below the slide show on the home page.

Hopefully, this is clear and not overwhelming and looks fairly easy: www.cavycages.com/easy.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/easy.htm)

Feedback, please?

03-04-02, 05:56 am
Wow! I don't think you could have spelled it out any clearer! Looks great!!!!! Ummm...of course I understood the first set of directions! Ha! :)


04-24-03, 08:29 pm
Great pictures! For our first piggy, TyTy I couldn't quite figure out how the C&C cages were made, I don't remember this page being on the site. Anyway my husband made a large cage for him out of wire with a solid bottom. He seemed to really enjoy it. Unfortunatly we lost him to the Rodeo Chetiski fire over the summer. We are waiting now to go down to Phoenix and adopt two guineas from a rescue. I have the cubes and have just found the cloroplast today, at .50 cents a square foot! I will make the 2x4grid cage next weekend and then go get the girls the following weekend. I am not good at just reading instructions, I am more of a sight person, and you made it very simple to follow the directions. thanks