View Full Version : Meet my girls!

03-13-15, 12:00 pm
Hi everyone,
We're new here to the forum. My name is Paige and I have two female long haired guinea pigs, Rosie and Flo. We live in BC Canada. I'm really excited to be a part of the forum as I also belong to a horse forum that it just awesome and I have made many friends from it! I'll post a picture of my girls below!

Thanks for having us!

03-13-15, 12:47 pm
What beautiful girls! And I love their names :) I'm new to the forum as well and have two boys, Alfie and Nicodemus. Welcome!

03-14-15, 11:24 am
Hello and welcome to the forum, Rosie and Flo are adorable!

03-21-15, 03:45 pm
How cute are they?!?! Welcome to the forum! Your girls are very cute!