View Full Version : Introducing myself and my boys :)

03-12-15, 12:58 pm
Hi everyone! I've been a frequent visitor to the site and have learned so much and gotten some great ideas from the posts here. I knew it was time to say hello! I have two male piggies, Alfie and Nicodemus, and they are the cute fellows in my avatar. Alfie is the Abyssinian and Nicodemus steals my heart with his ruby eyes. Looking forward to meeting you all :)

03-12-15, 01:09 pm
Hi there! I'm new too, just posted in this thread also. Welcome! Your boys are so cute :love: I also have two boars, I adore them.

03-12-15, 01:14 pm
Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to getting to know other piggie parents :)

03-12-15, 06:04 pm
Hello and welcome, I love your piggies' names!

03-12-15, 06:29 pm
Hi & welcome!!

03-12-15, 09:41 pm
Thank you both! Their names fit their look but now they really match their personalities too :)