View Full Version : Just to say hi - and feeling incredibly guilty after a mystery guinea pig death...

03-11-15, 05:17 pm
Hi - I'm a uk guinea owner and have 8 guineas, one teddy, four Peruvians, and three swiss teddies. I don't breed, and several are rescues. They have two 'omlet' houses with large runs in the garden with various toys and have a varied diet with plenty of greens. I guess the main reason I am online is that a week or so ago one very special guinea, an pink eyed white teddy, passed away. She and her three friends all barbered each other to some extent, but there was never any conflict and in fact they all seemed very close. They are all regularly checked and sprayed for mites, so that wasn't the problem either. I noticed that her fur was getting a little sparse in places on her sides, but there were no cuts or bites and her skin was healthy, so after cleaning them out on a Sunday, I made the decision to put her back with the others rather than keeping her in for observation as she was well in herself, eating and first to the food and water. She was also miserable alone. But Tuesday morning, after they had been shut in overnight with extra bedding and greens, I found her dead at only 18 months or so of age. The night was, if anything, warmer than normal, no frost, but I'm still feeling that I should have done more and that perhaps she was too cold - even though I know they all slept happily together. I just keep thinking that there must have been something obvious that I missed! The others have been a lot quieter since as well - just adds to the guilts!!

03-11-15, 05:44 pm
I'm sorry for you loss.

What are you spraying them with?

Hair missing can be a sign of ovarian cysts, which can rupture and cause death.

03-11-15, 06:14 pm
Ditto ClemmyOddieIndy. There's also the possibility that she was bitten by an insect and had an allergic reaction.

03-11-15, 06:58 pm
I am so sorry for your loss :(

03-11-15, 08:52 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

03-12-15, 01:57 am
Thanks for the supportive replies - I hadn't considered an ovarian cyst, but thinking about the pattern of hair loss it may well have been. she was always so active! Anyway looking forward to being a forum member with all my remaining herd! Thanks very much again!:)