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03-11-15, 12:21 pm
Hi Everyone, My name is Bonnie and my family now has some Guinea pigs.

Every time I do an internet search for a guinea pig question it leads me here so I figured I should join the community.

I have been planning on allowing my 13 year old son to get a caged animal because he has shown he is ready for the responsibility. I know that with kids often time the responsibility shifts to the parents and my husband and I are ready to deal with that if/when the time comes. I was pushing towards hamsters or gerbils but he really wanted a guinea pig so I decided to get him one.

I now know about purchasing from pet stores but I was unaware at the time so please forgive my ignorance. We went to Petsmart to buy cat food and I decided today was the day lets get a pig, I asked the guy do they need a friend and he says nah they do fine either way so we head home with Darwin and all the things we need for him. I then go online and start researching (yes I know I should have researched first) and I discover that Darwin does in fact need a friend and a bigger cage too. I ask my husband to take my son and pick him a friend and larger cage.

MEN!!!! my husband came home with 2 more not 1. So now I have 3 boars in a cage that is too small. I ordered the C&C cage and it should be here in a day or 2. I have purchased lots of fleece and washed it until it wicks. My husband cleans out abandoned apartments and homes to get them ready for new tenants and somebody left 2 bags full of Uhaul pads behind so I do not need to hunt those down. I know jackpot huh? when he brought those home I was like what I am I going to do with these? I was so excited to see now I have a use for them!I have spent way too much buying hiding spots toys and everything I think they need.

I am worried about the 3 boar thing I have been reading about on this forum and I am unsure what to do about the situation. Right now Darwin and Peanut both seem to be wanting to be the dominant one Marino (named by my lame husband after a football player) seems fine being submissive. They do all seem to get along ok but I do notice Peanut by himself in the igloo while the other 2 are together under the shelf. How do I know if I need to get peanut a friend? I really do not want to add anymore as I already have 1 more than I wanted, but I don't want peanut being lonely or sad either. I am attached to Peanut so rehoming is not something I want to do either.

I am stressing about this whole situation and really wish the cage would arrive so I could get them in it and watch them more closely. They are currently in my sons room but the new cage will be too big so it will be in our living room.It will be easier for me to watch them when they are in the living room. I know some people have had success with 3 boars I sure hope I am going to be one of them. Please give me some ideas of things that will tell me if i need to get Peanut a friend.

03-11-15, 03:23 pm
You've only had them for a day right? I wouldn't worry about Peanut, he's probably adjusting to a new environment. He also may just be a loner pig. Some animals prefer to spend most of their time alone, it doesn't mean they don't appreciate having others to communicate with if the urge strikes them. He may also just not want to get involved in the dominance hierarchy the other two are working on.

How big of a C&C did you get? For 3 boars teenage boars, you're going to want at a minimum 2x5, but I'd go even larger.

03-11-15, 04:04 pm
You should also double check that all 3 are males. You definitely don't want any babies and pet stores often incorrectly sex piggies or sell pregnant females. You can compare their 'parts' and make sure they all look the same and read this too: http://www.guinealynx.info/sexing.html

03-11-15, 04:13 pm
Hi thanks for your reply.

No I am sorry the boys have been here for about 5 weeks. It took us a little time to figure out what we were going to do cage wise. I initially was trying to get my husband to build one himself but after waiting a couple of weeks I finally decided to bite the bullet and pay way too much to order one. I went with the largest covered cage I could get it is 2x6 with a 2x2 loft. This cage is going to be in my living room not exactly what I had envisioned when I agreed to this. I am excited for them to get a proper environment as I have grown quite fond of them.

I am just so worried about everything I have read. I know I should not stress but I do not have any room in my house to put another cage if things don't work for them. I just like my animals to have everything they need. I clearly had no idea what I was getting myself into here but now that I am here I have to run with it.

03-11-15, 06:42 pm
Congrats on your trio! If you got them all 3 from the same place, it is likely they are siblings & already use to each other. Things could always change as they age as is the case with any pair/trio male or female. Your cage is big enough that you could divide it if need be. I have a friend with 3 adult boars in a too small cage & somehow they all get along. As long as their's no blood it's ok to let them fuss. Like someone mentioned, be sure to double check the sexes.

03-11-15, 07:05 pm
Welcome to the community! I have a similar story to yours - we went to a local pet store in February, came home with one pig ("for my daughter") and a small cage, and then I found this site. Within a week, Ainsley acquired not only a sister, but a c&c taking up a whole corner of my living room. Hee hee. :)

03-11-15, 08:45 pm
Funny you said every time you searched guinea pigs it brought you here... that's how I ended up here as well and don't regret it for a min. We bought our boys from a breeder for a reasonable reason and I don't regret it. They are both 10 weeks old and such loves. We got Peanut Butter and Popcorn last Thur and Sat I built them a C&C cage... like you if I wait for hubby they would still be in the freezer box. LOL Our C&C ended up bigger than I thought it would be so they have plenty of room :) The boys some times lay together and some times they seperate maybe your boys will trade off now and again. :) Welcome to the community!

03-12-15, 06:45 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum!