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03-09-15, 12:08 pm
Hi!! My name is Leni, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I'm new in here! :o
I registed because I'm considering getting two piggies, but I wanted to do some serious research first, so I came here looking for advice! I've already been reading some threads and found them very useful, but I still have some doubts... Is it okey if I ask you a few questions?
You all seem to be very nice and to know a lot about these little furry friends, so I feel I'm in the right place!:D
Hope to learn even more around here!
PS: sorry if I make many grammar mistakes, my english is not as good as I wish it were!

03-09-15, 01:13 pm
Hi Leni, welcome to the forum. Please feel free to ask all the questions that you need to. There are so many knowledgeable people on this forum that no matter what the question I guarantee someone will know the answer.

And please do not feel that you have to apologize for your grammar. Your english is very good.

03-09-15, 01:37 pm
Thank you so much! :o

My main concern now is that I'm working and studying, so I'm not at home for about 10 hs daily. Will they feel alone? Besides, I usually visit my mum on weekends and I was planning to take them with me. I have to take a train to get there for about an hour, do you think they'll be ok with that?

I've also started looking for a cage. Unfortunately I can't find a place to buy grids here, so I can't build a c&c cage. But I found these guys who make cages with chicken wire:
I think they look really nice and was thinking about buying a 1,1mx70cmx35cm one. But I'm not sure whether chicken wire is safe for piggies or not.

03-09-15, 04:13 pm
I think the only question I can answer is about leaving your pigs alone while you are gone for 10 hours. In my opinion pigs don't really care if we are there or not as long as they have their food. Especially if you have two pigs, they will keep themselves entertained. You would have to make sure that you have something that will allow you to have lots of hay available to last while you are gone.
I do not think that chicken wire cage would be suitable for guinea pigs. I would be very concerned that they would hurt themselves on the wire. Do you by any chance have an Ikea in Buenos Aires? A few of our members made some really nice cages with furniture they found in Ikea. If you search the forum you will see that there are lots of pictures of other types of cages that our members have made that aren't C&C cages.

I wish I could answer your question about taking your pigs on a train, but I just don't know about that. Perhaps other members could offer their advice on that.

I really commend you for taking the time to figure out if a guinea pig is the right pet for you. So many people make a rash decision and then find out too late they aren't the pet for them.

03-09-15, 05:33 pm
If you give a bunch of hay and about a handful of pig safe veggies before you leave and after you come home, they will be fine. Especially with two piggies, since they will entertain themselves. I have school myself, and my guinea pigs are alone by themselves for most of the day.