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03-09-15, 09:28 am
Hello! My name is Yvanna. I am from Winter Park, Florida attending college and just became the proud owner of a male guinea pig named Cinnabun. I recently got him about 3 days ago and am adjusting my apartment to fit his needs. Here are some photos of him:


As you can see, I have been trying to use the towel trick on him (still working on that bonding thing).

The cage I am using for him was built by myself. Its a 2 x 3 coroplast bottom with fleece bedding that I recently got for him to use. And yes, I did make the mistake of getting a cream-colored fleece. :p


I am still learning how to make Cinnabun more comfortable with my presence and how to make both of our lives easier. Any advice is welcomed with open arms and I hope to learn a lot more from these forums! :o

03-09-15, 10:56 am
Your piggie is the cutest thing!!! And I love the fleece forest hidey area you made. I think I'm going to make one of those for my cage when my grids come in this week. I have two boys (one I got 4 days ago, and the second I got yesterday), and though they seem to coexist fine, I don't think they want to sleep next to each other yet. Right now they're either sleeping inside their cardboard tubes (one each, of course), or outside of them. LOL!

What is that area in the middle for (the one where the fleece is folded up)? Just a suggestion - you may want to open that area up so that Cinnabun will have time to run his little butt off. I had originally purchased grids to make a 2x3 cage for one piggie; then I got another one yesterday and decided to expand to a 2x5 so they won't be laying on top of each other all day. Fortunately, I have extra grids at home to do this.

Thank you for sharing him with us! This is a wonderful site where you can pick up tons of advice!

03-09-15, 11:16 am
Thats awesome! I have been thinking about extending my cage to a 2 x 4 if I get another guinea pig (i might be doing that next week if I find some that work well around others). I don't have enough space in my apartment for a 2 x 5 though, so I will probably be making levels in a little while. I already have coroplast for a 2 x 3, so I will probably be making an extra panel from the left over coroplast I have. :D

03-09-15, 11:16 am
Welcome to the forum. Cinnabun is very cute and I just love his name. I also had the same thought as Catgyrl68 about the two grids in the middle. When Cinnabun becomes more comfortable he will want to be able to run his little zoomies. My two youngest will start at one end of the cage and run the length of the cage into the fleece forest and back out again.

BTW how old is Cinnabun?

03-09-15, 11:24 am
I completely understand the lack of space for a larger cage. 2x5 is about the largest I can fit, and that pretty much takes up an entire wall of my dining area. But the levels idea sounds great! Oh, and everytime I see "Cinnabun", I get hungry! Like when I named mine Snickers, I wanted to go to the store and buy a candy bar. LOL

03-09-15, 11:33 am
I actually removed the cubes in the middle like you guys suggested! I put the jungle in the corner so he has a place to hide still.
Kelsie I actually do not know his exact age? I bought him from Petsmart when I should have adopted (I live in a place were shelters are few and far between. :c) I know that he is an adult, but as far as age, I am still trying to figure out that information as we speak. I feel bad because I wish I had more information about how he was before I got him. Especially when I am thinking about getting him a buddy. D: