View Full Version : Hello from Lucy and her mom

03-07-15, 08:13 am
Hi all :)
I received Lucy from a friend about a week a go due to the fact that she had to leave for over seas and I have fallen head over heals for this little girl !
she is around one and a half years old and super tame.
she arrived with a hutch that I feel is too small so I am in the process of making her a new home
she is super fussy about veg but loves carrots grass hay and parsley
I'm in the process of trying to find her a friend which is Turing out to be harder then I thought
looking forward to meeting you all
jess and Lucy 7285272851

03-07-15, 10:19 am
Welcome to the forum. Lucy is a very pretty young lady. Good luck on finding her a companion.

03-07-15, 06:32 pm
She has really pretty markings! Welcome to this forum, you will learn a lot and get great support!