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03-06-15, 09:32 pm
Looking back through my threads, I see it looks like I never actually introduced myself. Well I am excited to do so tonight as we have good news to share that we have finally found our second cavy!

We got our first piggie last November from what advertised themselves as a rescue but in hindsight I think is really operating as a pet store. At any rate, I have written about that before. For better or for worse, we got our little Stripey then and have loved and loved her ever since. She is 4.5 months now.

Today we finally got a second piggie to be her buddy and cage mate. Eek, let's all pray she agrees! If I am reading correctly etc, it seems I need to keep the new piggie quarantined for a couple weeks first before we go about introductions. I sure hope since both are females and both are young that it will be easy going as we already have a soft spot for Cheyanne, our new piggie. I read the introduction section on guinealynx and have to admit I feel apprehensive and sure hope none of the "what ifs" described there happen, but will give a proper introduction my best go!

And we are so glad to give her a new home, I am sadly under the impression she does not know what hay or veggies are, only pellets, and goodness knows what kind. And I am quite certain she was caged with a male for some point in time over the last few weeks. So now I will need to keep a close eye for awhile, fingers crossed we can dodge that bullet too. They seemed oblivious as they told me that they thought maybe she was 6 months...there is no way, she is a good bit smaller then my 4.5 month Stripe. But she's not a tiny baby either, my inexperienced guess is 3 months.

I am over the moon grateful to this forum for the guidance it has given me to be a great cavy owner. We built our own C&C cage (note pic is a 2x3 from when I first had just Stripe, have the materials to expand to a 2x4 when I get the girls together soon). We are feeding Oxbow pellets, SPS timothy hay, and daily veggies of green leaf lettuce, bell peppers, and cucumbers with typically one other thing added in for fun a few times a week depending on whatever we are eating ourselves such as a baby carrot, a tiny slice of canteloupe, little hunk of sweet potato, etc. We keep the handy color coded charts on our frig.

Stripe is super tame and calm, she runs right over to me to be picked up. Well, except she is not calm when she hears the fridge open! Although she's been living single the past few months with us, she sure loves to talk with me and popcorn daily etc. Since everyone seems to say even if you think your single pig is happy it is only because you haven't seen them with a bonded buddy yet...I am very excited to observe my little cuties over the coming months together!

Hopefully we have completed our loving fur family now and can enjoy them for years to come!


03-06-15, 09:41 pm
Aww your piggies are precious! So adorable! Oh I love your fleece so much! Oh and what is that thing your kitchen area made of it looks really nice. The fleece is amazing...lol!! Anyways to sum everything up your piggies are real cute and your cage is awesome!

03-06-15, 09:48 pm
Nice to meet you! Adorable piggies and your cage is super cute :)

03-06-15, 10:12 pm
Thanks everyone, I think I have the cutest piggies in the world but am quite partial.

All my fleece has been Joanns clearance and/or coupons. :-) Super fun part of the "job"!

My cage has wood pellets with single layer of fleece on top except the kitchen is bare pellets. I have the kitchen divided off by some stone border from Home Depot garden dept. I completely empty out the kitchen weekly and refill with pellets. The rest goes a LONG time, maybe 6-8 weeks between changes (I change the fleece on top at least once a week! But I mean the pellets. I stir weekly or whenever I change fleece but otherwise they stay in there for a LONG time!)

03-06-15, 10:41 pm
I have to officially let you know that I am on the way to pignap Cheyanne. Both of your piggies are beautiful but I have such a soft spot for the little reddish/brown piggies. My pig Rusti is a red. Your little Cheyanne looks just like my girl Rusti.

You definitely are blessed to have found two such adorable pigs. Best wishes on the introductions in a few weeks. I'n sure Stripe is going to be thrilled when she meets Cheyanne and realizes she has a playmate. It's so much fun to watch the antics of two young pigs playing together.

03-07-15, 09:13 am
So sweet! Your piggies are precious!

03-07-15, 09:59 am
The garden divider is a neat idea. I use wood pellets and clipped fleece for my main cage area and wood pellets plus a separate non clipped folded piece of fleece for the kitchen. The kitchen fleece gets dirty fast and i usually flip it after one day, and then fold it the other way for day 3, and then flip that for day 4. Id kinda like to ditch the fleece altogether for the kitchen since its kind of a pain, but i wasn't sure how they'd do on plain wood pellets. I tried carefresh and i hated it - so messy.