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03-06-15, 11:45 am
Hi everyone-

The last time I visited these forums was almost a year ago, when I had adopted two little females. Unfortunately, I had to give them away as my then-landlord had a strict "no pets" clause in my lease. Well, fast-forward almost a year, and I've moved into another, much larger apartment. I got permission from this landlord to have a guinea pig, as long as it's in a cage. I've ordered my C&C cage and a bunch of other goodies, which should arrive next week, and have already put together a stand using old grids that I kept from last year. In the meantime, I picked up my new "son" yesterday, and he's housed in a large (but not nearly large enough) rabbit cage until the new one arrives. I've already submitted a vacation leave request for the day when I pick it up at UPS so I can have all day to set up his new home. :)

This little guy is so awesome! I was instantly attracted to his rosettes. There were SO MANY of them! It remnded me of my nephew's hair - no matter how you cut or style it, it still sticks out all over. From the minute I picked him up, he's never tried to run away from me (other than when I try to take him out of the cage, of course. Then he likes to make me chase him!). He's not screeched once; only making the cute piggie sounds (sorry, I don't know all the terminology yet.) He's very inquisitive, and rarely hides under anything in his cage. We had lap time last night, and he never tried to escape, and is perfectly content (and dare I say, more comfortable) resting on my shoulder as shown in this pic.


And no, he did not poop or pee on me yet. LOL! Now, I'm asking for name suggestions. My initial thought, because of all the "cowlicks", was "Giri-Giri" (pronounced "giddy-giddy"). It's a pidgin-English word for "cowlick". LOL! "Cuddles" also came to mind because he loves to cuddle.

I don't know what I would do without this community. Your suggestions and ideas are invaluable, and have saved me a lot of headaches.


03-06-15, 12:25 pm
I'm sorry, I'm not very good at picking out names. All six of my pigs have very unoriginal names. Rusti,Randi,Brownie,Baby,Teddi,Ginger. Your new little guy is just adorable. He definitely looks quite content sitting on your shoulder. May you have many years of enjoyment with your new baby.

03-06-15, 12:48 pm
He is really cute! I really want an abyssinian pig like yours. (I like the name Rusti Kelsie ) My pigs are just Cookie and S'mores, also unoriginal. LoveMyHerd always comes up with names, though. He kind of looks like a dust bunny, but that's a really weird/bad name Lol

03-06-15, 12:53 pm
Thank you, Kelsie and PeanutnCookie! Yes, he DOES look like a dust bunny, especially his little bottom area. LOL. "Ragamuffin" had also crossed my mind, but it also has somewhat negative connotations. Despite his appearance, his fur is very soft. The temporary fleece I have in the cage now is camouflage printed, so he really blends right into it. It's hard to see him in dim light. :-)

03-06-15, 12:58 pm
Or you could just have it Muffin. That's a cute name. Catgyrl68

03-06-15, 01:01 pm
Yes! Muffin, short for "Ragamuffin"! I'm going with that one. Thank you so much! lol

03-06-15, 01:09 pm
I think Muffin is a great name for him. It sounds cute and cuddly just like he is.

maddy harper
03-06-15, 04:28 pm
awwww, what a cute name...

03-06-15, 06:20 pm
Speaking of unoriginal names my hubby named ours Mr. Pig.

03-06-15, 09:03 pm
My boys are named Bacon and Eggs... not that original but I've never heard of a pair name like it. Muffin suits him well! And welcome!

Guineas Galore
03-06-15, 09:08 pm
Welcome to the forum! When it comes to names...well...I'm running out of ideas ;)
We have:

Leonard (aka Lenny)
Prof. Emmet

Last 5 are boys, the rest are girls XD