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03-03-15, 05:14 pm
Hi everyone! I'm Konungarike, but you can call me King, Konung, or whatever else you'd like for short.
(That's a Swedish word, not an actual name, meaning "kingdom" that I use as a screenname online. I prefer to keep my internet and IRL activities separate.)

I live on a farm in Sweden, pretty near Stockholm in fact, with my two piggies Folke and Cappuccino! I got them last summer after having wanted guinea pigs ever since I finished the Swedish equivalent of high school. I went to a school focusing on animal care education, and I caught the piggie fever after handling the school's herd. I got my two boys directly from a breeder since they are my very first, but since getting them I have found out about shelters and rescues in my area, so I'll definitely be looking towards those in the future.

So, I am a newbie to guinea pigs, though not to pets in general! My family's had dogs and cats for as long as I've lived. I also had bunnies for over 10 years until my last bun passed away, after which I made the switch to pigs. Me and my mother also have horses! She has riding horses and I have two shetland ponies. Busy!

At the moment I'm taking extra high school level courses in order to become eligible for university studies. I'm also working part-time at an animal hospital!

Let me present my boys!

I brought both boys with me to the couch the other night since the living room was otherwise deserted. They thought it was super spooky at first, but some carrots and a hay tunnel was enough to bring them out of that funk. They're born within a few days of each other, so they're not technically brothers despite growing up together. Both are soon to be 9 months old! Time flies...

Folke (Swedish male name, pronounced "Folk-eh") is the boss pig, even though he's the most skittish around humans of the two. He doesn't seem to see much value in laptime other than the veggies, to be honest. Maybe he'll warm up to the concept in time, or he'll forever value his personal space above all else. Either way I love his personality.

The other one is Cappuccino! Cap for short, unless I come up with another dorky nickname for him. He has realized the value of veggies and scritches, so he's much more open-minded towards humans than Folke is. He's always the first to wheek if it's even remotely close to veggie o'clock. I can't even open a candy wrapper these days without him setting the duet off...

And that's us! I'm looking forward to spending time here and learning more about guinea pigs from people more experienced than me. I'm especially eager for DIY cage tips, I'm itching to head over to the cages forum straight away!

Nicks Pigs
03-03-15, 05:20 pm
Your boys are very cute! Welcome to the forum!

03-03-15, 06:17 pm
Welcome. Nice to meet you and your handsome pigs.

03-03-15, 06:53 pm
Welcome. Your boys are adorable!! Lots of great information on this site... have fun researching!!

03-04-15, 07:05 am
Thanks for the welcoming, everyone! :D

03-04-15, 07:44 am
Welcome - your piggies are so cute! :D

maddy harper
03-06-15, 12:43 am
hi and welcome. Your pigs sound beautiful :) welcome. Looking forward to hearing storries about your pigs.