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03-03-15, 01:17 pm
Hi there! I got my first guinea pig about a month ago and while I was doing my research about piggies I found these forums! I thought I'd finally become a member and introduce myself and my piggie. Its kind of a long story of how I came about getting him. Basically someone knew a person that got the guinea pig as a birthday present but then got bored of him after a few months. So she agreed that she'll keep him. However, after a few months she moved house and the person didnt allow any pets so she had to give him away. Which is how I got him! We don't really know how old he is but he seems to be fully grown and is still quite active.
I'm not sure if this is okay but his cage has hay as bedding and then a hay rack that is always filled with hay aswell. I've seen that people use fleece and stuff but Im not sure if its just fleece or is there something else under the fleece too. Fleece is quite expensive from what I've seen. I know some people also use sawdust but I thought I had read somewhere that its not ok for piggies.
None the less, my guinea pig may not have a giant c&c cage filled with every single toy in the world, but he seems healthy and happy! :D

03-03-15, 01:24 pm
Hi and welcome! He is adorable!

I use hard wood pellets in our cage, covered by fleece. I paid about $7 or $8 for 1.5 yard of fleece, if I recall correctly, and I bought 2 pieces (for when 1 is in the laundry) - so I think I spent about $15 for my fleece.

And the 40 lb bag of wood pellets (which I am told will last about 1 month - I am about 2 weeks in so far) cost about $5.

So up front - I paid about $20 and moving fwd I will pay approx. $5 per month for new pellets.

I hope that helps!

03-03-15, 01:32 pm
Another comment about the wood pellets & fleece - it really keeps their cage so much cleaner, and with so much less odor. (I was previously using Carefresh.) With fleece, their little poops are so easy to shake off daily, or sometimes I use a hand vacuum. And the pee goes right through into the pellets.

I am new to guinea pigs & cages & fleece, but I have learned a lot in the past few weeks and, IMO, the wood pellets & fleece just seems much cleaner and nicer and less smelly than bedding and poop and pee all mixed together. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

03-03-15, 01:55 pm
Welcome! Fleece isn't really expensive. Actually, it's much cheaper than other kinds bedding. You pay about $15-$20 up front and if you put towels under it, that's really all you have to pay, unless you consider a capful of detergent and maybe some other things for the wash.

maddy harper
03-06-15, 07:42 am
hi and welcome :]