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03-01-15, 09:38 pm
So yesterday I rescued two sick baby guinea pigs. We ended up losing one baby as we got up to take her to the emergency vet. The other baby is doing very well. We have spent every minute since they came home reading about proper care.72781

03-02-15, 02:26 am
Welcome to the forum! Your baby pig is so adorable! This is definitely the place to be to learn all you can about proper care.

03-02-15, 10:22 am
Mr Pig is absolutely precious. What a wonderful person you are to take him into your home. It just breaks my heart that the other piggie didn't make it. However as others have said he was able to know love and kindness in his final hours thanks to you.

Although it had to be under such sad circumstances I'm very happy to have you join our forum. On a side note, I noticed your username. Are you a hedgehog owner?

03-02-15, 02:16 pm
I'm very sorry the other baby didn't make it, your remaining one is adorable though! It was great for you to rescue them. :) You've certainly come to the right place for piggy care!

03-02-15, 04:44 pm
Thanks for the welcomes. Mr. Pig got a good report at the vet's today. Bright eyes, clear nose, no sign of diarrhea my boss said he looked perfect. He was an attention hog too, got passed around and loved on by everyone! He weighed in at 254 grams.

I used to own hedgehogs, for quite a few years than I became allergic to them.

maddy harper
03-06-15, 12:46 am
hi and welcome. Sorry for your loss.