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03-01-15, 07:05 pm

These guys are

Einstein is a coronet, and he just came off craigslist. He's got the best hair, and is huge.


Then there's Celeste, a tricolor* american and she came from the pound. She's really tiny.


And Elsa, who came from a stupid 'rescue' that neglected their animals. She's called Elsa because Einsteins wife was Elsa, not because of the movie, lol. She's more the size I'd assume a normal guinea pig would be. Not sure what she is, an american crested I assume but her fur is sorta long.


Don't have any good pics of them together, but here's Einstein and Celeste munching on some lettuce.

this was when they were just being bonded and Celeste was terrified so she just froze while Einstein ate all the food. But they're good now.

*i don't actually know if tricolor is the correct term for her, but it's what I've been using.

03-01-15, 07:11 pm
Adorable herd! Is Einstein neutered?

03-01-15, 07:13 pm
The tricolor is referred to as TSW -- tortoise shell and white.

03-01-15, 07:13 pm
How cute! Your herd are beautiful!

03-01-15, 07:17 pm
Adorable herd! Is Einstein neutered?

we were told he was.. No babies yet, so let's hope that's true, lol. Haven't seen any mating behavior either so I'm not terribly worried


Thank you. Wouldn't have guessed that. Her color seems too 'clean' to be tortoiseshell (since tortoise usually looks like a mix of color, than really just a patch here and there, if you get that...)

03-01-15, 07:40 pm
Bear in mind that I'm no expert on guinea pig color. I was just told that's what they were, and several websites seem to bear that out. But I'll admit I haven't done much research on it. I'm sure that somewhere there's a listing of guinea pig coats and what they're called.

03-01-15, 07:47 pm
Your piggies are gorgeous. I could pignap Elsa in a second. What a beauty.

03-02-15, 02:17 pm
I love pudgy pigs!

03-02-15, 02:48 pm
I love them! Wheek wheek!

03-02-15, 06:33 pm
I would also call her a tricolor or TSW like bpatters said. I have a girl that looks VERY similar to her and the guinea lynx site uses the same term. Tricolor seems appropriate because they're three different colors but I think the official term is TSW.


Also, Einstein is handsome! I want to cuddle him ^.^

03-03-15, 01:07 pm
Einstein is just gorgeous. He's colored like my Amy. I wish I could find a neutered boar like him so she and Quinn could have a boy toy.

03-03-15, 06:24 pm
I believe y'all are right, her being a tortoiseshell white. I guess I'm just used to tortoiseshells having more scattered color placement, instead of very neat patches.

thanks, I do think they're all very cute too ;)

Sadly, I believe I've made a sad discovery. I'm allergic to Timothy hay. So I've got a 50lb bale I need these guys to go through, lol.

Got a decent pic showing the size difference.. excuse the small cage, I'm upgrading them in these next few days.