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02-24-15, 11:30 pm
Hello, I got my boys a guinea pig for a valentine's gift this year since we are unable to own a cat or a dog at the moment and they have been begging for a pet, I figured this would be a happy medium and I was right. We started of with just one at first, a gorgeous female named JuJu bean and a week later we got another one that we thought was a female and turned out to be a male and his name is Wrangler. We got them from Petco, which I now know from the extensive research that I have and am still doing was probably not the right path to go, but they are such sweet little things and we instantly fell in love. They are both such loveable little creatures and get held daily, multiple times a day, and for hours at a time and they just love to lay on our chest and fall asleep.

02-25-15, 08:29 am
I hope you don't have them housed together. Pregnancy is very hard on guinea pig sows, and the death rate for both sows and pups is high. In addition, they're subject to several genetic disorders than can result in painful bone diseases that can't be treated on in lethal white syndrome. They're sexually mature at around four weeks of age, so they're plenty old enough for the female to get pregnant.

03-07-15, 06:41 pm
Welcome to the forum! I made the same mistake by buying our first pig. Thanks to this forum I now know better. I had no clue what I was doing at first but was quickly able to course correct after reading a ton of information on this site. I have read of others that have neutered their male piggie after realizing the sexing error. The vet needs to be experienced with guinea pigs which can be challenging. That at way you could at some point safely keep your pair together without the risk of an accidental litter or unfortunate health problems. Not sure how old he has to be to get him fixed, I have all boys. Good luck and post some pics!

03-07-15, 07:24 pm
Welcome! Would love to see some pics! :)

03-10-15, 01:57 am
Hello and thank you. I do not have them housed together they live in seperate cages and I am actually looking into adopting two more pigs so they can each have a companion. Finding a vet in my area is quite difficult. Here are some pics. The ones with them on my lap is the first day I had brought my male (Wrangler) home, when I thought he was a she. He is the smaller darker one.

03-10-15, 07:16 am
Welcome :) I can't wait to see there buddies!! I would love to see cage pictures as well!! In the bottom picture they are together, guinea pigs can breed VERY quickly and it is not recommended, even under supervision, to allow males and females to "play together".

03-10-15, 10:29 am
Those bottom pics are the first day that I had brought him home, when he was supposed to be a girl (they pulled him out of the female cage), I am still working on getting better cages at the moment they are living in a store bought cage.

03-10-15, 07:54 pm
Aw, how adorable!! I went through the same situation - I bought a couple females at around 4-6 weeks old at Petland (bad mistake) and turns out one of them was a male. I ended up taking both back because the other had a skin disease. Good luck with finding them buddies!! <3 their colors are gorgeous.

03-10-15, 10:36 pm
Thank you, I thought about taking him back but my youngest was instantly attached and cried when I had mentioned it, so we kept him. They are such sweet little things. I will admit I did not know not one thing about guinea pigs when I went in the store to buy them, anyone I had ever known who had guinea pigs didn't really mess with them much they were just a cage pet for them. Now that I know what I know its hard to believe so many live in homes without being paid attention to, makes me sad. I guess you can say I have definitely fallin in love with guinea pigs.

03-10-15, 10:41 pm
I thought we saw pictures of them and everyone said they looked like two girls?
wasnt that your two piggies?

03-10-15, 11:59 pm
No, that wasn't mine, I did post a question about their breed. Someone said I had roans and others have said that I had agoutis