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02-24-15, 09:52 am
Hi..we adopted two adorable male abyssinian piggies last week. I found them on craigslist and they were in a foster home. The woman took great care of them and gave me a large C&C cage that we put together they way it worked for our house. It is 2X4 with a loft and so far they are doing great. I have a few questions though as this is our first experience. We are using fleece which she also gave us. They always have hay-using orchard and getting meadow as well because I am allergic to timothy-, oxbow pellets and salads daily. How much fresh produce do I give them? I think they would eat it all day if allowed. Also I am keeping the food in the loft...what flooring should I use there...also fleece?
Thank you..I just want to do everything right for them.

02-24-15, 09:09 pm
Welcome! Do you have pictures of your cuties?
Pigs should have a cup of veggies a day, with green/red lettuce and bell pepper being the staples. There’s a lot of good information on the nutrition section on what veggies/how often (and of course pigs have different ideas on which veggies are yummiest too.)

I use fleece for my entire cage, including the lofts. However, I only keep the hay in the lofts, and the pellets/water are in the middle on the cage, so my set-up may or may not be best for you. Lots of people create a kitchen area with disposable bedding for the food area since their pigs create the most mess there.