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02-23-15, 09:06 pm
I'm Lindsay and I've just joined. I have two piggies named Yogi and Boo. Boo is a brown Rex x and Yogi is an American Silkie x. I say they are crosses because they mostly look like one breed but they both have long shiny fur on their bums, and Boo has two spirals of hair behind his ears. They are males and I got them together. They live in a c&c cage. The bottom level is 2x4 and the top is 2x2. I personally like fleece cage liners, as it's cheaper to use. They also get really excited when I put new fleece in the cage. Anyway I thought I would introduce them :) I would add pictures but I'm not sure if I can on my phone. But there are pictures of them on my profile picture and avatar.

Nicks Pigs
02-23-15, 09:09 pm
Welcome to the forum! Could you post some pictures of your boys?��

02-28-15, 01:57 am

The boys :) Boo is brown, Yogi is the multicoloured one.

Sorry it took so long. I had to buy a new computer.

02-28-15, 05:57 am
Absolutely adorable!!! Welcome to the forum. Lots of very helpful and useful information here so enjoy searching different topics. Your boys are blessed to have you!!!! :love:

02-28-15, 11:37 am
It's so nice to meet you and your boys. They are very handsome guys. I love that last picture of Yogi peeking out of the bed.

02-28-15, 01:24 pm
They are too cute :)