View Full Version : NIC Rabbit Cage big enough?

02-23-15, 01:50 pm
So I'm getting ready to build a NIC cage for my holland lop but was wondering if what I have in mind is to small.

I was thinking about builing a 2x2x5 so 5 long 2 high and 2 wide. Would that be a good size for her or should I go taller?

Nicks Pigs
02-23-15, 05:24 pm
Hi there, that cage would be the perfect size for one bunny! Have you considered bunny condos (check out budget bunny on youtube- she has them in her older videos and even has a video dedicated on how to make them! Just make sure she gets lots of love and out of cage time! Good Luck!

02-25-15, 09:03 pm
If you can go three grids high, it will make it easier to have more levels. When adding levels, you want to be sure to maintain certain areas that have high ceilings so that bunny can fully stretch upward on hind legs without his ears touching the top.

Five grids long is great and it is good not to go deeper than 2 grids (front to back) so that it isn't too difficult to reach to the back for cleaning. But if you go 3 grids high, you can have 2 upper levels rather than just one. It isn't necessary but sure makes it fun!