View Full Version : Australian,Vic rabbit desexing: Keysborough animal shelter VS Pets on Elgar VS RSPCA

02-23-15, 04:06 am
Okay so I've asked about Rabbit savy vets in Victoria before but didn't really get an answer sooo I have done a bit of research in the meantime. It seems to be down to these three places due to price and knowledge of the vet practices but I was wondering if anyone has been to Pets on elgar which is in Box hill and Keysborough animal hospital when it comes to desexing.
I'm pretty confident with RSPCA but price wise the other to are better so if I find that others have tried those places and had good/bad experiences with them so I can get a better idea of which place has better reviews.

02-23-15, 04:49 am
Keysborough do do rabbit and guinea adoptions so that are experienced with desexing. However, if you live over that way I'd go to Warranwood Vet Clinic. They specialise in small 'exotic' animals and I've nothing but praise for them. Lort Smith are also good (I use a sub-branch of theirs at Plenty Valley, the Vet I use actually worked at Warranwood many years ago so does have experience with small animals, though for internal surgeries he does refer you to the main branch and their exotic, who I think is now Tristan, used to be Sasha but she works at Warnambool now).

Also, try Gerry (The Rabbit Doctor). She has over 40 years experience in treating rabbits. She's the best in Melbourne.

02-23-15, 06:33 am
Do you have the prices for the desexing? And whether keysborough gives pain meds like I've heard they are meant to ?(correct me if I'm wrong)

If it was just one bun I'd probably go straight to RSPCA but I have 3 or 4 that need to be done (we have two adults and a litter which we are keeping at least 1 of but possibly 2) so it's a bit expensive. I still want to find a vet that is good with rabbits cause I would hate to lose any cause of such an easily avoided mistake ya know? But if I can keep it under $200 per rabbit it would really help.

02-23-15, 05:40 pm
No, sorry I'm not sure on prices or pain Meds, I would suggest calling them and asking.